Beechcraft T-34A Model A45

This T-34A Model A-45 was built by
Canadian Car and Foundry in Williams,
Ontario, Canada, mfg. serial number 34-119.

The ship was assigned to the 3305th pilot training group at Malden Air Base, Missouri where it remained until 27 Dec 57 and 1318.10 hours.

It was then transferred to 818th Combat Support Group, Lincoln AFB, Nebraska where on 10 Jan 58 it was registered with the Civil Aeronautics Administration listing USAF owner/ Lincoln Air Force Base Aero Club, operator as N-7603B. By 1 Sept 63 the aircraft had a total of 3183 total hours on the airframe and was still being flown by the Aero Club.

This is the only T-34 painted with these designs It was made to represent a German Messerschmitt BF-109E. It would have been in a squadron around the time of the Battle of Britain, World War II. The red Griffon is the insignia for that squadron, 9/JG26. The double chevron is the insignia for Gruppe Commander and the yellow 1 is the aircraft number. The yellow curved line indicates the plane belongs to Gruppe 3. The Iron Cross insignia on the tail was displayed by some of the German aces with high kill counts with the number of kills noted where the “34” is in the scheme.



The Air Force accepted this airplane on 25 Jul 55 into their inventory with 3:50 hours on the airframe with the serial number 53-4150.

It is owned and flown out of DVT airport, located 10 miles north of Phoenix Arizona.

Both the owners are CFII's and Alan is available for initial and reoccuring training. He offers high performance, complex and spin endorsements and a complete syllabus of unusual and aerobatic training. Alan also teaches normal category (and glass) aircraft at KSDL and KSNA.

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